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Why employ a garden designer?

1. Gardens are becoming more important as extra living space and are often used as an additional room. The final design can reflect wether you are looking for a haven for wildlife, an area for entertaining or simply a place to relax and escape. Your favourite colours and themes can be incorporated making it unique and perfect for you.

2. Having a well designed and maintained garden may help you sell your house, and set you apart in a competitive market.

3. A garden designer will encompass a whole host of areas from using the right plants in the right place to providing the right balance of hard and soft landscaping and planting, ensuring year round interest, texture, height and so much more.

4. A garden designer will get it 'right first time'. No more trying different plants in different areas, or discovering your new patio is likely to flood.

5. Realise your dreams. Even if you don't know what you want, a designer will talk through ideas so you end up with your dream garden.

6. A designer will put in place an infrastructure that will be easy for you to maintain and enjoy for years to come.

7. As much or as little input to meet your needs; if you are already a keen gardener, perhaps you just need a little guidance and creative input.

8. A designer will introduce you to concepts which you may have not considered before such as bespoke features, lighting, sound and much more.

9. You can see how your garden will look before any of the actual work begins so you are not left disappointed on completion.

10. Add the 'wow' factor.

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