Stage 1 - Quotation, Survey & Design

The quotation, typically will cost £1,100.00-£2,500.00 (excluding the survey fee- please see below) subject to garden size and project complexity. The scope of the design process generally will cover:

  • a site survey – I will instruct a professional topographical surveying firm on your behalf to carry this out. A quote will come for this directly to you with my input, and typically costs around £400.00-£700.00 inc. vat subject to the garden size
  • the option of 1 or 2 ‘initial’ concept designs (without planting or construction detail); at this point we can usually ask contractors for a first stage main landscaping estimate
  • a final design/plan of the garden to scale with full details of materials and supporting sketches, including lighting scheme if required
  • an (optional) comprehensive planting plan tailored to design and site conditions

Stage 2 - Plan & Confirmation

At final plan stage, the construction quotation can be finalised and a contract issued for client approval/deposit directly with the contractor. I can also offer quotations for lighting and plants/planting services from my usual tried and tested suppliers.

A client should typically expect most construction periods to last around 4-6 weeks. There is also the option of ongoing support leading up to and during the build works for an additional hourly rate of £60.00/hour; this is to cover time both on site and in the studio when handling any admin/queries/ordering items on client’s behalf etc. Should this additional service be of interest, the expected cost of project management can be quoted once the design stage is finalised.

Main landscaping construction budgets will generally start from c. £25,000.00 inc vat, but more typically range around £40,000-£50,000.00 for an ‘average’ sized garden. A client will be asked for their anticipated project budget during the consultation and initial design stage, knowing this will improve the service that can be offered.

Please note:

Free consultation within 20 mile radius of Milton Keynes. For distances greater than this mileage expenses of £0.75 per mile round trip are charged.

Note that Sue Gilbert Gardens By Design endorses third party landscaping contractors on the basis of their quality of workmanship. However, it should be noted there is no financial association between these parties.

For full detailed terms and conditions of contract, contact Sue Gilbert Gardens By Design.

Fees stated are a guideline only, all schemes subject to quotation before any work is commenced, this will based on the site and the clients requirements. Sue Gilbert Gardens By Design is not VAT-registered.