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Lighting can add a whole different layer of interest to a garden design; not only from a practical navigating the garden point of view... but also to add drama, atmosphere and impact. Sue offers a lighting scheme to every design brief, sadly it can be the icing on the cake that is omitted where a budget is challenging... but even in a very simple scheme there is no doubt the wonderful difference lighting brings to a garden.

Be it up lighting trees and planting; cleverly positioned lights recessed in walling; down lighting from buildings and structures or lighting that special focal point or water feature... the possibilities are many... and unique to each garden space.

Lighting For Gardens Ltd have been supplying lights to Sue since she started the business, they offer professional and excellent quality fitments to suit various situations and budgets too. They offer warranties on their products and excellent customer service... playing their part in helping each build run to schedule. Sue will, when agreed, include a lighting scheme at final plan stage and then offer suggested fitments from this trusted supplier for client consideration and as part of the costing process.