From a very young age I have always cared greatly about the flora and fauna to be found all around us. All the gardens designed hope to create new habitats for many insects, birds and mammals. Clients are encouraged to consider including bird and bat boxes; to set up insect ‘hotels’ and habitats. New fencing automatically includes hedgehog holes to allow them to wander from garden to garden as they love to do.
Along with my collaboration partners, I seek to constantly improve sustainability and the carbon footprint of all new landscaping. Only ethical suppliers are suggested for materials and all site disposals are recycled wherever possible and all are legally disposed as per local authority regulations. I have a duty of care approach to all parts of the design and build process.
Planting schemes are designed to always try to include some (and ideally many) nectar rich plants and plants that might provide winter food or shelter for wildlife. Works that might disturb wildlife are planned and carried out with care and thought; no tree or hedge works in the nesting season or where nests are evident. No works to ponds when there is active breeding of amphibians, and any pond clearance at other times of year ensure rehoming of any found wildlife. Existing trees are protected and shown care and respect throughout the process.

“We live on an amazing planet… and my job is to create spaces not only for my clients to enjoy for many years to come, but also to provide a continued and ideally improved habitat for wildlife.”

Sue Gilbert